Energy Management & Saving

Market Need Today: Energy monitoring-measurement services are considered to be the most innovative trend globally as they combine IoT technologies, with measurable results that cover the basic need of our days which is to reduce energy costs.

What is 2S – Safe & Save: A system that records and measures Energy consumption, providing at the same time 24 hour signal control – receipt by the Greek Central Station, ZARIFOPOULOS signal reception centre.

The Z ENERGY Solutions are developed by the In-house R&D Department of ZARIFOPOULOS, giving emphasis to innovative Energy Services, always complying with the highest specifications in line with international standards, but also considering the particular conditions of our country.

What does 2S – Safe & Save

  • 24 hour recording and measurement of the total energy load of your installation, 365 days a year.
  • Possibility to record and measure consumption per space (room) and per appliance (air condition, refrigerator, tv etc.).

  • On line and periodic update provided to the Customer through PC (e-mail), mobile phone (also through an application) or through an internet website (with personal code).

  • Possibility to provide comparative consumption data, detection of energy leakages or overconsumption (based on international standards of energy consumption per appliance) and suggested scenarios for correction / optimization/ energy saving.

  • Prevention – Security of your Electrical installations.
  • Possibility to provide further services, such as humidity recording-measurement, heating control, doors opening-closing, suggestion for lighting optimisation, distant monitoring of old alarm systems that do not connect to a Web Server, etc.

2S – Safe & Save ADVANTAGES

  • Reduction in Energy Costs – Electricity bill.
  • Automatic Recording and Measurement of Energy Consumption (electricity bill).
  • Easy to use without extra functions for the user.
  • Information provided on line or on a periodic basis (customer preference).

  • Implementation of an innovative technological application.

  • Reduced environmental impact.

  • 24 hour Security – 365 days by the Greek Central Station of ZARIFOPOULOS.
  • Prevention – Alarm and 100% Security of your electrical Installations (Leakages, Short-Circuits, etc).

Get 2S Safe & Save

2S Safe & Save was designed, developed and is marketed exclusively by ZARIFOPOULOS in versions to suit every home. It is immediately available and comes with a special user’s guide including energy-saving scenarios, as well as with full support of our staff, who will inform you in detail about the advantages and benefits of 2S Safe & Save. Fill out the contact form to get in contact with our Energy Services Consultant.