Cosmote Main Offices and Data Centre in Northern Greece

Cosmote Main Offices and Data Centre in Northern Greece 2017-08-05T10:49:05+00:00

Project Description

Our Company supplied, installed and commissioned an industry-leading smart fire detection system of manufacturer Advanced, offering protection to one of the most prominent buildings in Thessaloniki, housing the main offices and data centre of Cosmote for the entire Northern Greece.

Founded in 1998, Cosmote is the largest mobile telecommunications provider in Greece and the Company’s complex in the centre of Thessaloniki houses its offices and data centre covering the whole of Northern Greece. The 5-storey building includes two basement levels, and all 7 storeys are now protected by an Advanced Axis EN fire detection system.

For the Cosmote building, a system was selected that could fully satisfy the Client’s needs: the Advanced fire detection panel features met all required specifications. A dedicated team in our Company (who has a long-term collaboration with Advanced), designed and specified the Axis EN panels and ancillary components, covering five detection branches and over 700 peripheral devices, including 620 smoke detectors.

Advanced products are well renowned for their high quality, performance and ease of use, protecting all types of buildings throughout the world. Cosmote is the largest mobile telecommunications provider in Greece, and the ZARIFOPOULOS team are proud that an Axis EN system offers protection to the staff at the Cosmote Thessaloniki office.

Axis EN is the highest range of Advanced analogue panels, combining 1-8 branches, networkable fire detection panels with a full range of wired and wireless peripheral branch devices and powerful peripheral components. It is part of the Advanced Axis system range, a world leader in the development and manufacture of smart fire systems.

ZARIFOPOULOS SA is an exclusive representative of Advanced in high specification projects.


  • Timetable: July 2017
  • Project Manager: Argyris Siopis


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