Warehouse, Treasury and Distribution Center of Bank of Greece

Warehouse, Treasury and Distribution Center of Bank of Greece2016-11-22T10:25:47+00:00

Project Description

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Security, Surveillance, Access Control, Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems, plus central management of electrical and mechanical installations for the building of Warehouse, Treasury and Distribution Centre of Bank of Greece at Pylaia Thessaloniki.

The Bank of Greece has built the new building in Pilaia Thessaloniki by using as general construction contractor the company DOMOTECHNIKI SA. In these new facilities Zarifopoulos SA installed the following innovative systems for Protection and security, supplied by Honeywell, Notifier and NICE-FAST.

  1. Addressable fire detection network consisting of two (2) panels and over 700 peripherals.
  2. Automatic extinction using FM200 in reserve areas and areas of electrical installations, with a total of 3.380kg FM200.
  3. CCTV, consisting of 257 cameras, whose shots recorded on digital recorders (DVR) of total capacity 180TB.
  4. Security system against infringement consisting of a network of two (2) panels with more than 1,050 regional internal and external storage devices.
  5. Access Control System consisting of 165 card readers.
  6. Control of electromechanical installations for management and energy saving (BMS), which consists of more than 700 I/O points, supplied by HONEYWELL.

All these systems are interconnected on the integration platform EBI by HONEYWELL. Through this interconnection a two-way communication and interdependence is achieved in order for the systems function to work together on planning scenarios to ensure the smooth operation of the building and the safety, and recording of all alarm data.




  • Timetable: Installation on 2009-2010, during 6 months. Monthly maintenance.
  • Unique Benefits: Advanced, unified management of security systems to safeguard human life and ensure reliable operation.
  • Project Engineer: Nikolaos Zokas, Director of Northern Greece, Electrical Engineer.

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