ZARIFOPOULOS SA has proudly achieved once more, the PLATINUM  HONEYWELL  Evaluation, being certified  as Platinum Integrator 2021.

Honeywell has been  enhancing  the quality of support and services delivered to end users from its integrators, by developing The  Integrator Service Certification Program. The program recognizes the investments that integrators make in servicing Honeywell products for end users, delivering  successfully high quality service to their customers, improving customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty. By emphasizing great service they differentiate themselves from the competition, while creating value that customers are looking for. HONEYWELL strongly believe that integrators who make the investment and effort to deliver quality service, deserve recognition for their efforts.


This assessment has been made by evaluating the integrator’s status in 2020 against  the eight key service Elements that are essential in providing an end-user with the quality of service that Honeywell demands, as following:

  • Honeywell Product Training


  • Professional Certifications in Computer Technology


  • Customer Satisfaction


  • Pro-Watch Volume Metric


  • Software Support Agreements


  • Project Management


  • Test Facilities


  • Engineering Drawing Capabilities