ZARIFOPOULOS S.A. main objectives are trade, install & technically support: security systems, fire detection & fire extinguishing systems, cctv, access control, building energy management systems & smart cities solutions.

Ensuring Business Continuity  is considered as an element of strategic importance in every activity of the company. ZARIFOPOULOS S.A. is committed to the contiuous improvement of the Business Continuity System.

Company’s overall function is gοverned by the principles reflected in the Business Continuity Policy, which is based on the requirements and  specifications set by the international standard ISO 22301:2019.

Business Continuity System main goals are:

  • Clear identification of customer’s and interested parties’ requirements as well as ensuring the necessary resources for their efficient service and satisfaction.
  • Documented research for causes of problems and weaknesses, so that necessary corrective actions are determined and implemented in order to avoid their recurrence.
  • Risk analysis and the effectiveness check.
  • Complying with the Legislation and the regulatory requirements governing the company’s activity and the systematic compliance check.
  • Constant improvement of products and services provided as well as overall operation of the Business Continuity System.
  • Ensuring the adequacy of employees, through their constant training.
  • Introducing clear and measurable objectives and evaluation of the company’s performance, aiming at the continuous improvement in readiness to deal with unexpected events and the smooth provision of its services and products.


Τhrough process and checks of the operating procedures and suppliers – collaborators, via periodic reviews can be ensured the continuing effectiveness and suitability of the Business Continuity Policy.


This Policy has been notified to all the employees and associates and it is available to the public.  It is annually reviewed and revised upon review by the Management of the Company.