VerifiQation is an ideal solution where there is a need for space Security and incidents’ management. It is a system of Visual Incidents Confirmation and Direct corrective action that combines the functions of an alarm system, CCTV, Access Control, etc., working together in such a way as if they “communicate” in real time.

Highly sophisticated software support the whole process: a Video & Alarm Management Software and a Video & Images Analysis Software, analysing the transmitted signals. The system is completed by the Incident Management Procedures, that effectively manage the signals received by the Software.

What are the Advantages of VerifiQation

  • It provides accurate and rapid intervention by specially trained personnel, even preventively.
  • It offers Central management of all buildings.
  • It handles all incidents, before they result in violence or property loss.
  • It saves evidence for legal use.
  • You enjoy its services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • It saves a lot of money from security cost. Compare verifIQation with other similar services in the market. Thanks to its particular ability to minimize false alarms, it remains the most cost-effective solution on issues of safety and space security. The cost reduction is even greater compared to conventional security provision, ultimately lacking in credibility, since it relies entirely on the human factor.
  • The service is “Signed” by ZARIFOPOULOS, meaning prestige, credibility and true security and peace of mind!

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