Zarifopoulos SA from the first year of its establishment in 1972, even without organized structures of Social offer at the time, incorporated within its Corporate Culture, actions and good practices of Corporate Social Responsibility pioneering for their time, such as a weekly doctor’s visit.

Today, in its fifth decade of activity in the Greek Market, Zarifopoulos SA has contributed actively to the development of the Security and Control Sector in Greece and beyond, by supporting Employment and the Greek Economy and Society in general, with respect for its People and Values that helped the Company’s development through the years.

Member of the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility

Zarifopoulos SA during the last decade has contributed to the State, through employer contributions, VAT, income and property taxes, with over 37 million Euros.

The Company’s overall Social Contribution is summarised as follows, according to data of the year 2017:

A. To the Greek Economy and Society

  • € 4.900.000 per year in Tax and Employer Contributions
  • € 8.300.000 per year in turnover of Collaborating Greek Subcontractor Companies
  • 183 permanent jobs of various specialisations
  • 100 indirect jobs through Partnerships
  • 17 new hiring of employees
  • 1100 hours of training in technical subjects of 220 industry professionals

B. To the Business and Employees

  • € 4.800.000 in monthly salaries per year, without any delay
  • € 25.000 in training for all staff, with various types of courses during 300 teaching hours
  • Visit once a week of a doctor to the Company premises
  • Training of fire safety and building evacuation every six months
  • Special Employee Fund for immediate response to extraordinary financial difficulties of colleagues
  • Full compliance with the principles of modern business operations, such as certifications, Excellence, Corporate Governance, etc.

C. To the Environment

  • Recycling of 8,300 different types of security devices (cameras, recorders, boards etc.), total weight of 5,900 kg
  • Recycling of 450 kilograms and other consumable office supplies (ink cartridges, batteries, power supplies, etc.)
  • Special briefing to all staff and establishing smoke ban in workplaces
  • Dedicated recycling points for consumables in each work area
Most importantly, we have contributed to the safety of Greek citizens, their property and valuables, through avert of at least 2,500 Theft or adverse Security incidents each year, through our 55,000 Security and Control systems installations.