The Corporate Culture of ZARIFOPOULOS SA Company leads to:

  • Customer and Employee Satisfaction
  • High quality of products and Services
  • Increase in Sales

The Corporate Culture of ZARIFOPOULOS SA is a combination of Personality, Experience, “Good Practices” and its People.

The Corporate Culture of ZARIFOPOULOS SA consists of three key elements:




  • Safety of operations and facilities
  • Responsibility and Accountability to our Customers – Partners in order to build trust
  • Innovation as growth driver
  • Cooperation and Solidarity between our people
  • Honesty and Transparency in transactions
  • Provision of flexible Solutions to Customers – Partners
  • Belief in the correct implementation of our defined standards and operations
  • Education as a tool for improving productivity
  • Commitment to efficiency through planning and measurable targets
  • Smart adaptation to change, as one way for our development



  • PRINCIPLE: The development of the company with ethics and values in partnership with our People, the Environment and Society.
  • AIM: Creating value for Customers – Partners – Employees and our Shareholders.
  • GOAL: To expand and establish our Leading position in the security industry as the dominant Greek Group of Security & Control Services in SE Europe.



ZARIFOPOULOS mission is to offer superior products and services in the field of security, providing safety and protection to the Greek society, improving our quality of life.