Solutions for Consulting offices – Design firms

Solutions for Consulting offices – Design firms2017-04-13T18:08:06+00:00

ZARIFOPOULOS SA is in close cooperation with a large number of consulting offices and design firms throughout Greece, providing specialized services and solutions in Security systems, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Fire Safety and Energy Automation.

Using the five decade experience and know-how, in cooperation with major manufacturers worldwide, we can provide every design firm with technical equipment specifications and specialized software tools for the preparation of technical studies, regardless the size of the project, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the elaboration of the study, based on the relevant European standards and guidelines.

The tools normally used, relate to the study of:

  • Network bandwidth calculation in networked CCTV systems
  • Calculating power consumption of loop devices in fire detection systems
  • Calculating power consumptions of security systems devices for battery capacity option
  • Hydraulic calculations of piping in fire extinguishing systems
  • Simulation of energy automation systems

Most important of all, is the relationship of understanding the specific needs and the trust that develops between the design team and skilled staff of Greek Company ZARIFOPOULOS, as we simply “speak the same language and we do it in an excellent way”, as a designer mentioned once.

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