The Greek Company ZARIFOPOULOS SA, realizing the great need that existed in the “Service” (Check and Repair) of Security and Control Electronics equipment resulting in both their obsolescence and additional replacement costs, created a dedicated department called Z Service.

Z Service is located in a specially designed area in the Company’s facilities in Nea Ionia, is staffed by three (3) qualified employees and a manager, with knowledge and wide experience in all electronic systems, offering high value services, always with the prestige and brandname of ZARIFOPOULOS.

With Z Service, you can directly and quickly:

  • Diagnose the fault and its cause
  • Repair and maintain
  • Help us create electronic equipment tailored to your needs

for all devices-systems used in security systems such as cameras (simple, ptz), Recording devices (dvrs), Monitors, Power Supplies, Security equipment (Panels, keyboards) and fire detection equipment.

You will definitely benefit from:

  • Reliable performance control of your systems
  • Guaranteed (1 year) repair on any device-system
  • Direct check and telephone briefing on the estimated fault (within 24 hours of receipt)

Most of all, you gain the added value of our Services, as you become a member of the family of partners of ZARIFOPOULOS. A 100% Greek company, which for over 45 years is synonymous with the highest quality in Security and Control Services in Greece, Cyprus and other Balkan countries.

Save time and money for your company, through experience and consistency of ZARIFOPOULOS SA also in the field of electronic equipment service.