Installation of Fire Detection Systems to upgrade building infrastructure in Attiki Odos.

Attiki Odos, a modern 70 km long highway is the peripheral ring of the surrounding area of Athens and the backbone of the entire road network in Attica.

Attiki Odos after 10 years of operation, has upgraded all fire detection systems for supporting buildings and Plaza buildings.

ZARIFOPOULOS company supplied over the central and peripheral fire detection equipment, with the latest technology by INIM manufacturer. The system consists of 6 addressable fire panels covering Plaza buildings and 30 conventional fire detection panels which together with the 300 Fire / Extinguishing tables protect all supportive of motorway infrastructure. All equipment carries the required certifications and fully meets the high requirements of the project.



  • Timeline: Project Implementation for the period 2015-2016.
  • Contributors: INIM
  • Unique Benefits: Absolute protection and safety equipment against fire.
  • Project Engineer: Chrysovitsanos Constantine, Head of Project Management, Electrical Engineer NTUA, MSc – PM.