Fire Detection Systems supply, installation and delivery in full operation in Athens Metro 3 new stations; those of Aghia Varvara, Korydallos and Nikaia).

The largest number of subway projects that has ever been run in Greece is progressing at a fast pace in order to deliver modern subway stations in a number of new areas of Athens. On July 6, 2020, the first 3 stations in Aghia Varvara, Korydallos and Nikaia were handed over for public use.

Line 3 extension is expected to be put into commercial operation in the summer of 2022, with the completion of the project and the addition of the remaining three stations, in Maniatika, Piraeus port and Piraeus Municipal Theater.

Stations already put into operation have been designed with priority on areas’ bioclimatic characteristics and passengers’ safe movement. Our company completed the Fire Detection system installation using parts of the Austrian company Schrack Seconet, based on TRIEDROS MELETITIKI study for AVAX S.A.

At each station, a central fire detection panel was installed. This panel is responsible for the fire detection and manages the automatic extinguishing process using Inergen extinguishing gas. Moreover, in each of the three stations, a repeater panel with a colored graphs station were installed in the area of the station supervisor.

Each stations Fire Detection system was connected to Attico Metro BACS network automation system, which undertakes the control of all electromechanical installations, including substations, fans, communications and all subsystems like CCTV, security, telephones, data network etc.

Metro stations Fire Detection systems’ main feature is the “hot redundancy” of fire detection panel overall steps. Such redundancy can be found in the central unit (master controller), loop cards, communication cards, extinguishing control cards etc. This is Attiko Metro prerequisite, as all stations, both old and new ones, are constructed with a specifically increased requirement for safe operation.

In addition to fire detection components supply and overall system installation, ZARIFOPOULOS S.A. was involved in shaping project’s final design as well as in planning and run Attiko Metro SA managers’ training.

This was an exceptionally difficult project of significant value from the field of Infrastructures, which we successfully undertook and delivered on time.

• Project Engineers: Aris Zacharias, Giannis Meletiadis