Installation of Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression and Perimeter Security Systems at the Headquarters of Police in the city of Larissa, which belongs to the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

The building of the Police Headquarters in Larisa open its doors on 27/08/2010 and is an exemplar of energy efficient building construction. The building is bioclimatic and energy efficient, resulting great energy savings. The construction of the new state of the art building is part of a comprehensive and ambitious program of civil protection ministry in partnership with Greek Police Headquarters for the modernization of the Greek Police buildings. The new proprietary Police Department is located at C. Papandreou and Muson Street and covers 5.063 square meters, where services are housed in three levels.

The Special Company’s workgroup for Major Projects, after extensive inventory of the architectural peculiarities of the area, proceeded with the design and installation of integrated systems for the fire protection and extinguish. Both systems are supplied by Notifier and C-TEC UK. In detail, the fire detection system is addressable type by Notifier (Honeywell) consisting of a panel with 8 Loops, one hundred ninety-eight probes (198) (smoke and rise of heat) seventeen (17) sirens and sixteen (16) pushbutton manual call points.

The twenty-five (25) extinguishing systems are using conventional technology by C-TEC UK and consist of fifty-one (51) Detectors (Smoke – rise of Heat), twenty five (25) sirens, twenty five (25) bells, twenty five (25) STOP signs and twenty five (25) key switches for cancellation of extinguishing command. In the system there are 25 extinguishing cylinders, 18 of which are filled with FM-200, five (5) with CO2, one (1) with Wet Chemical and one (1) with dust System.

Also, Zarifopoulos SA has installed perimeter protection system (Beems) by Aleph, covering the entire perimeter and interfacing with the alarm system.



  • Timeline: Design 60 days, Installation 30 days, project completed in 2010.
  • Project Engineer: Theogiannis John, Director of Larisa branch, Electrical Engineer