Installation of Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, Security, Access Control and CCTV Systems at the Municipality Will Theatre of Larissa.

The Will Theater is an exemplar in cultural events in the region of Larissa and in entire Thessaly. It constitutes an amazing place in the center of Larissa, in the intersection of Anthimos Gazi and Koumoundouros. Although is not fully completed, on the ground floor are conducted various cultural events and theater performances for children and adults.

The special workgroup of the Company for Major Projects, after extensive study of the architectural peculiarities of the area, proceeded to the design and installation of integrated security, Access, Fire detection and fire safety systems. Installed Security Systems, Access, Fire Alarm and CCTV is by Honeywell’s brands, Kentec, Lilin UK and Genie CCTV UK.

Specifically, the security system consists of a central panel by Honeywell and includes a total of twenty (20) zones, of which fifteen (15) motion detectors and seven (7) glass break type and vibration detectors.

The Fire Alarm System is addressable type by Kentec UK, consisting of a 2 Loop panel, with twenty detectors (smoke and rise of heat), three (3) sirens and three (3) push-button manual call points.

The Extinguishing Systemis by Kentec UK (conventional type) and consists of six (6) detectors (smoke – rise of heat), one (1) siren, one (1) Bell, one (1) STOP sign, one (1) cancellation command extinguishing key switch and one (1) pack of aerosol generators.

The Closed-circuit television consists of two (2) digital recorders of the house Lilin UK, and fifteen (15) cameras by Genie CCTV UK (fixed type), four (4) of which is to oversee the external surroundings and the remaining eleven (11) for the supervision of the Interior.

Finally, the Access Control system is by Honeywell consisting of a central unit which cooperates with two (2) regional door control units to critical areas.



  • Timeline: Design 60 days, Installation 15 days, project completed in 2009.
  • Unique Benefits: The system is full expandable for future installations because at the moment only the ground floor is in operation.
  • Project Engineer: Theogiannis John, Director of Larisa branch, Electrical Engineer.