Installation of Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, Security and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems in the Archaeological Museum of Karditsa, Karditsa of Antiquities.

The Archaeological Museum of Karditsa opened its doors to the public on May 18, 2010 and was inaugurated on 11 November 2012. The procedures for its foundation started in the early 1980s. In 1995 the Central Archaeological Council unanimously vote in favor of the building program of the Archaeological Museum of Karditsa. The museum was built in the area of the old Hospital (5.120m2), which was allocated to the Ministry of Culture of the Municipality of Karditsa.

The construction was completed in 2001. The museological study prepared by the Ministry of culture back in 2003. Its implementation and the organization of the exhibition was done in collaboration with the Department of Museum Studies, the Department of Execution of Works Museums and the Museums Department of the Ministry of Culture. The construction of the building was financed by the 2nd Community Support Framework and implementation of the museological study by the 3rd Community Support Framework.

The Special Company’s workgroup for Major Projects, after extensive study of the architectural peculiarities of the area, proceeded to the design and installation of integrated security, Surveillance, Fire detection and fire protection systems to the premises where the findings are kept. Installed Security Systems, Fire Alarm and CCTV is by Honeywell’s brands, Notifier, Kentec and Samsung.

Specifically, the security system supplied by Honewell, includes a total of fifty-four (54) zones, of which twenty-seven (27) are motion detectors, ten (10) magnetic contacts, and sixteen (16) breaking glass and vibration detectors.

The Fire Alarm System is addressable type by Notifier (Honeywell), consisting of a loop of panels with (16) zones, forty three detectors (smoke and rise of heat), four (4) sirens and ten (10) manual call pushbutton points.

The three (3) Fire Suppression Systems are conventional type by Kentec and consist of fourteen (14) Detectors (Smoke – rise of Heat, three (3) sirens, three (3) bells, three (3) STOP signs, three (3) key switches for cancellation of extinguishing command and three (3) cylinder arrays of carbon dioxide.

The closed-circuit television consists of one (1) digital recorder by Samsung, and sixteen (16) fixed type cameras also by Samsung , five (5) of which are to oversee the external surroundings and the remaining eleven (11 ) to oversee internal showrooms.



  • Timeline: Design 45 days, Installation 20 days, project completed in 2010.
  • Unique Benefits: Renewal of an old problematic security system, by using new addressable materials. Connection with the ministry of culture alarm receiving center.
  • Project Engineer: Theogiannis John, Director of Larisa branch, Electrical Engineer.