Design, development, installation and maintenance of Fire Protection Systems (automatic detection and suppression), Security, CCTV and Building Energy Management System (BEMS) for the energy management and control of all M&E plant, in the AMANZOE resort in Porto Heli, Argolida – hotel and villas.


The AMANZOE resort in Porto Heli, Argolida, is a unique Luxury resort, a top resort in Greece and one of the “stars” of the AMANZOE RESORTS chain. It includes extensive common facilities (restaurants, reception, SPA & Fitness Centre etc.), an extensive complex of ultra-luxury bungalows, and an increasing number of independent villas.

The addressable fire detection system is structured as a large network of interconnected panels, covering the entire area of the complex and villas, ensuring in this way continuous central monitoring, prompt notification and effective protection of human life and property. Multiple automatic suppression systems protect a large number of spaces at increased risk of fire (M&E plantrooms, kitchen areas etc.).

The ZARIFOPOULOS BEMS automatically monitors and manages the operation of all M&E systems, including Air-Conditioning, VAM units, Lighting, Ventilation fans, Pumps, Wastewater treatment plant, MV Substation, Fire Detection, Fire Extinguising unit, Water and fuel tanks, Generators, Irrigation, resulting in optimum coordination of all operations, monitoring and prompt notifications for any faults, and most importantly, maximum energy saving.

The Design-Development & Installation of the BEMS by ZARIFOPOULOS in AMANZOE in Porto Heli, is a Best Practice example in the field of Energy Management & Control Services for the entire Hotel Sector.

  • Project Engineer: Nikos Zokas