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Project Description

Our Company is the main partner of the Benaki Museum with regards to the supply, support and maintenance of Fire Detection and Suppression systems.

The Benaki Museum is the oldest museum in Greece operating as a Foundation under Private Law. Through its extensive collections that cover several different cultural fields, as well as through its general activities and operation, serving a range of social needs, the Benaki Museum is perhaps the sole example of a complex structure within the broader network of Greek Museums.

The Museum includes buildings in different areas of Athens, the most important being: the Main Building in Kolonaki, the new Museum building in Pireos Street, the neoclassical building complex in Kerameikos, housing the Islamic Art collections, the Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Gallery in the centre of Athens and the Penelope Delta house in Kifissia, housing the Historical Archives Department.

Our Company is the main partner of the Museum with regards to the supply, support and maintenance of Fire Detection and Suppression systems, having undertaken significant works including:

In the Pireos Street building, in 2017, we re-tested and re-commissioned the fire suppression systems, supplied new fire detection-suppression panels, maintained and fully commissioned the fire detection system, whilst there are still pending potential new works such as new fire suppression and gas detection systems.

In the Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Gallery, in 2015 our Company sponsored the full replacement of the fire detection system. We are in the process of implementation (in 2017) of the fire protection design studies, commissioning the fire suppression systems for the electrical plantroom with the installation of fire suppression panels and aerosol extinguishing systems.

In the Museum of Islamic Art, in 2016 we completed the maintenance and re-commissioning of all fire detection and water fire suppression systems.


  • Unique Benefits: Maintenance of Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

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