Project Description

BMS supply and installation for overall management and integration of all building systems (Fire, Access, CCTV, HVAC etc.), whilst monitoring and controlling all mechanical & electrical equipment in the most energy-efficient way, a key requirement nowadays.

The system selected for this demanding task was HONEYWELL ARENA-EAGLE INTEGRATED SYSTEM, fully manufactured in Germany, the operation of which is based on the state-of-the-art building automation protocol BacNet.

The installation of this system in the EMST led to the creation of a Central Monitoring Station with capabilities of monitoring and management of all building systems through a single point, minimizing maintenance and operation costs. At the same time, through management of the VAV and all A/C plant (Central A/C unit, Chillers, Boilers), internal comfort conditions in the various Museum spaces are optimised, whilst energy savings are maximised and exhibits’ protection is ensured.

Through the systems’ integration, interaction between them is possible (de-smoking in the case of fire, operation scenarios in case of equipment failure). Finally, through the use of energy management software, excess energy consumption is monitored and identified, assisting in drawing useful conclusions for optimising the systems’ overall operation.



  • Timetable: Completion 2015
  • Unique Benefits: Best practice integrated applied solution in BMS Building Management
  • Technical Director: Aris Zacharias
  • Project Engineers: Kostas Kandakis, Alexandros Vassilopoulos