Installation of complete Security System in the Silversmithing Museum of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, in the ‘Its Kale’ Acropolis in the castle of Ioannina.

Contracted by ERGOSYN ATE, our Company designed and installed a Fire Detection system, a CCTV system and an Anti-Intrusion Security system, to meet the very stringent requirements and specifications of such a Museum space. The installed systems ensure smooth operation of the building and its Security, offering prompt and detailed notification of users about every incident and system, at any space and point.

The Silversmithing Museum is located in the castle of Ioannina, and more specifically in the western bastion of the north-eastern acropolis (Its Kale). This section of the castle which had not been used up to now, was restored in an exemplary manner by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, so that it can house the Museum’s permanent collection. The Museum is a model example of public and private sector collaboration, as it is housed within facilities offered by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through a programming agreement. The restoration works were in line with approved design studies and were implemented in close collaboration with the Directorate of Antiquities of Ioannina.

The Silversmithing Museum is the 9th Museum completing the network of nine Thematic Museums of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation across Greek regions. The Museum restoration project was approved by the Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship” of the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA) 2007-2013 and was co-financed by the Public Investments Programme and the European Regional Development Fund.




  • Timetable: Installation 2015-2016, duration 3 months
  • Unique Benefits: Analogue Point recognition technology of Security Systems and human life protection systems, ensuring detailed and prompt notification
  • Project engineer: Vaggelis Vlachos, Ioannina Branch Manager, Electrical Engineer
  • Installation technicians: Ioannis Giokarinis, Stefanos Zacharakis