Installation of Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems in the building of Jumbo Company at Commerce Park Forum in Ioannina.

Mega Jumbo is the biggest building of Jumbo SA at Epirus and it is housed in Forum Business Park in Ioannina. The building is equipped with fire detection and extinguishing systems, which are supplied and installed by Zarifopoulos SA.

The Fire Detection System consists of analog Addressable Fire Panel, Mx-4000 series, with a total of four loops, EN54 certification by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and 600 peripheral materials by the British firm, Advanced Electronics.

Mechanical areas are protected by fire extinguishing CO2 cylinder arrays and panels with automatic local extinguishing function, by the English company Kentec Electronics, which are reporting to the central Fire system.



  • Timeline: Installation 30 days, project completed in the ending of 2010.
  • Unique Benefits: Warranty performance materials and high expandability of systems.