Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, Security, Access Control and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems, at the building of IKEA House Market SA located in the Forum commercial park of Ioannina.

IKEA of Commercial Park Forum in Ioannina is the biggest commercial store in the area (27.000 m²) and it is protected with Fire Alarm – Fire Extinguishing, Security, Surveillance Access Control and CCTV systems exclusively by ZARIFOPOULOS.

The fire detection system of the British House ADVANCED, is addressable-intelligent, and covers all areas of the department store. The system is controlled through a software of colored graphics. In addition, all mechanical and building critical areas are protected by automatic extinguishing systems, which are also referred to the central control system.

The Monitoring System is by NORBAIN England and consists of color, fixed and mobile cameras positioned at selected locations inside and outside the store, whose images are managed and controlled through specialized equipment from the Control Center, and recorded in an appropriate number of digital recorders.

The Security System and Access Control is by HONEYWELL and enables access to critical areas only to authorized individuals, protecting areas of the building and controlled through color graphing software program.


  • Timeline: Installation 90 days, project completed in the ending of 2010. Maintenance every 6 months.
  • Unique Benefits: Warranty performance materials and high expandability of systems. Integrated management resulting simplified supervision of all protected areas.