Design, Installation and Maintenance of Security, Surveillance and access Control Systems on the building complex of the Onassis Cultural center at Syngrou Avenue.

Onassis Cultural Centre of the Onassis Foundation, a masterpiece of architecture and modern design, with numerous technical innovations and artistic interventions, adorns Athens since early 2011. The 15-level building houses between others, two theaters, exhibition spaces, artists hosting sites, modern restaurant, and an underground parking.

The installed systems are based on distributed architecture and are interconnected with a state of the art Control Centre within the building where the servers and the central controllers are hosted. The system integration achieved through an independent network of high speed optic fibers with maximum availability, ensuring immediate response. The network structure allows system handling from multiple locations based on the function of each space. For example actions can be made from the guardian spot of the exhibit space, or the entrance or anywhere else required.

These capabilities are provided through the unified management platform of security, Access Control and CCTV systems, which called WINPAK by Honeywell, enabling security officers to control alarms-Events with simultaneous visual confirmation, through a single and intuitive graphical interface. The individual systems are primarily consist of advanced materials by Honeywell.

Heart of CCTV system is the network recorders (NVR) of the FUSION series by Honeywell, combined with the flexible management and control software of mobile and stationary cameras from AXIS, the storage in RAID-5 arrays and the full cooperation with the integrated management platform.

GALAXY series security systems and PW access control systems, also by Honeywell, uses addressable technology, with support of distributed architecture and full cooperation with the WINPAK platform, ensuring not only the remote control, and visualization of events on ground plans of sites, but also verification through projection of the associated video.



  • Timetable: Study 30 days, 3 months Installation, Maintenance every 4 months.
  • Contributors: The Special Company’s workgroup for Major Projects – Integrated Systems in collaboration with the Project Manager of the site, Mr. John Papadimitriou and after extensive study of the architectural peculiarities of the area, proceeded to the Design and Installation of Integrated Security, Surveillance and Access Control Systems.
  • Project Engineer: Nikolaos Siagas, Director of Corporate Planning & Coordination, Electrical Engineer NTUA – MSc – AIT prof MBA.