Project Description

Installation of Fire Alarm, Security, and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems in the Archaeological Museum of Abdera of the Antiquities of Xanthi.

The Abdera Archaeological Museum is a museum located in the modern village of Avdira in Xanthi. The studies for the museum began in 1976 and construction work began in 1989 and completed in 1992.

The competence of the General Museum directorate occurs in all matters relating to the conservation, protection and care of antiques, scientific research, discovery, preservation, promotion of antiquities, and their exposure in museums.

The Special Company’s Workgroup for Major Projects, after extensive study of the architectural peculiarities of the area, proceeded to the design and installation of integrated security, Surveillance and Fire systems.

Installed Security, Fire Alarm and CCTV Systems is by Honeywell’s brands, System Sensor, Samsung and Vista.

Specifically, the security system includes a total of seventy-nine (79) zones, of which thirty (30) motion detectors, twenty (20) magnetic contacts, fifteen (15) break type and vibration detectors for glasses.

The Fire Alarm System are of conventional technology and supplied by System Sensor (Honeywell) and C-tek UK, consisting of a panel of eight (8) zones, with fifty (50) detectors (smoke and heat of rise), seven (7) sirens and twenty-three ( 23) pushbutton manual call points.

The closed-circuit television consists of two (2) digital recorders by Samsung and twenty-four (24) cameras (fixed type), eight (8) of which is to oversee the external surroundings and the remaining sixteen (16) for the supervision of interior showrooms.



  • Timeline: Design 60 days, Installation 30 days, project completed in the ending of 2013.
  • Unique Benefits: Renewal of an old problematic security system, by using new addressable materials. Connection with the ministry of culture alarm receiving center and operation of 8 partitions.
  • Project Engineer: Tympanidis John, Director of Xanthi branch, Electrical Engineer MBA.