Supply and installation of conventional fire system and Automatic Fire Extinguishing System in the electromechanical areas of Lidl chain of Super Markets – The renovation of Xanthi (030).

Lidl began its operation in the 1930s with the founding of the Company in the area of Wholesale and Retail Trade of food in southern Germany. As an international business group operates across Europe with autonomous companies in the respective countries. Lidl currently has by far the largest network of discount food stores in Europe.

The installed conventional fire detection system is by the company Cooper – Univel, with a total of forty (40) smoke detectors, ten (10) constant temperature, six (6) sirens and five (5) manual call point. Also Zarifopoulos SA supplied two hundred twenty (220) Water Sprinkler by Tyco, and settled six (6) local fire suppression systems in electromechanical spaces with fire suppressants Co2 & PA.


  • Timeline: Installation 70 days, project completed in April 2015.
  • Contributors: Supply and installation of fire protection systems on behalf of EKATER SA construction company (Spyridakis Polymeris, Electrical & Mechanical Engineer and Kontogiorgis Christos, Civil Engineer).
  • Unique Benefits: Accurate application of the study of fire safety in conjunction with the completion of work in short and strict time frames, using several automation.
  • Project Engineer: Tympanidis John, Director of Xanthi branch, Electrical Engineer MBA.