Project Description

Supply, installation and handover in full and normal operation, of automatic Fire protection systems (Fire Detection and Suppression) in the Mechanical & Electrical Plantroom spaces of 3 Factories of the Thrace Plastics Group.

The Thrace Plastics Group is one of the biggest producers of Technical Fabrics and Packaging Solutions in the world. The company was founded in Xanthi in 1977, it is present in 10 countries, with a sales network across 80 countries, 1.800 clients globally and 2.100 employees.

Our Company undertook the supply, installation and handover in full and normal operation, of automatic Fire Protection systems (Fire Detection and Suppression) in Mechanical & Electrical Plantroom spaces, consisting of 10 fire suppression boards of INIM and 32 fire extinguishers of Italian Brand ABS.

The design and construction of the pipework was completed by our Company, in line with the European Standard ELOT EN 54.

The installed systems offer protection to the 3 Factory spaces of the Group, where Fire Detection and Suppression is achieved through:

  •  Smoke and heat detectors of type ID100 & ID200
  • Fire detection – suppression boards Smartline 04-20 EXT
  • CO2 fire extinguishers
  • Audio alarm equipment – sirens


  • Timetable: Project implementation February – April 2018
  • Unique Benefits: Complete protection and safety of equipment against fire in M&E plantroom spaces. Guarantee of materials performance and high expansion capabilities of the systems.
  • Project Engineers: Argyris Siopis and Yiannis Tympanidis