Project Description

Design and Installation of networked base Image Capture Site System in the Industrial Unit of TCUG in Xanthi.

The Tobacco Cooperative Union of Greece TCUG SA was founded in 1947 and is one of the most recognizable tobacco producers worldwide. Its main activity is the purchase, processing and sale of tobacco, mainly oriental, Greek origin, which are considered the best in the world.

TCUG today, implementing a modern and efficient structure, manages to maintain a significant position in the global tobacco industry charter, constituting an exemplar of Cooperative application.

The installed Monitoring and Recording System is a collaboration of Hikvision (Hardware – Cam) and Milestone (software). It includes a total of twenty four (24) outdoor cameras for surveillance of the perimeter (total distance of over 2.5 kilometers). There is one (1) moving camera (PTZ) and another one (1) fixed, dome-type for monitoring the entrance.

The software is installed on a Server to record the cameras and operates in Client mode for display – monitoring. There is an integration with the network, so as to allow remote monitoring via the Internet.

The closed-circuit television consists of two (2) digital recorders by Samsung and twenty-four (24) cameras (fixed type), eight (8) of which is to oversee the external surroundings and the remaining sixteen (16) for the supervision of interior showrooms.



  • Timeline: Design 60 days, Installation 45 days, project completed in mid-2013.
  • Contributors: Network study in cooperation with Techknowlogy, Sarris Nikolaos, Electrical Engineer and Computer Engineer.
  • Unique Benefits: Warranty performance materials and management capabilities through Milestone software (open source). Version upgrade capabilities and compatibility with most companies manufacturing network cameras.
  • Project Engineer: Tympanidis John, Director of Xanthi branch, Electrical Engineer MBA.