Supply and installation of a conventional Fire Detection System and Automatic Fire Suppression Systems in M&E plantroom areas, in the LIDL Super Market chain, during the refurbishment of the Corfu (2) branch in early 2017.

LIDL was founded in the 1930s as a Company in the sector of Wholesale and retail Sale of food products in South Germany. Nowadays it is an international Group of Companies active in 26 countries throughout Europe. In Greece it started in 1999 by opening its first branches in Thessaloniki, whereas today it has a network of 222 branches throughout Greece.

ZARIFOPOULOS installed in the Corfu (2) branch, a conventional Fire Detection system by Cooper-Univel, with 2 Fire Detection Panels and 78 smoke detectors, 11 rate-of-rise heat detectors, 4 fixed-temperatures detectors, 16 sounders with beacons and 9 manual call points. In addition, 8 local extinguishing systems were installed in Plantroom areas, by Cooper-Univel, using as extinguishing means CO2 and FM200, and 33 portable fire extinguishers were provided (CO2, Pa6 & Pa12).


  • Timetable: Installation in 65 days. The project handover was at the end of March 2017.
  • Credits: Supply and installation of Security and Fire Suppression Systems for Engineering Company ARXIKON SA (Tassopoulos Paris, Electrical Engineer).
  • Unique Benefits: Exact implementation of fire safety design study, in combination with the timely delivery of the project within a strict timeframe, using many automations. Protection of M&E plantroom areas with automatic fire detection systems and activation of automatic suppression system.
  • Project Engineer: Michalis Kritikos, Electrical Engineer.