Installation of Fire Detection Systems, Security, Access Control and CCTV at the Museum of Asian Art.

The Corfu Museum of Asian Art is a unique Museum in Greece, solely dedicated to the art and antiquities of Far East and India, and is housed within the St Michael and St George Palace.

This neoclassical building was built in 1818-1823, when Corfu was under British rule. In 1928, it started its operation as a Museum of Sino-Japanese Art, whilst later it became a pole of attraction for many donations. Today, it includes approximately 15.000 works of Asian art from private collections and individual item donations, whereas in 1973 with the addition of 400 works from India, Pakistan, Thibet, Siam, and Southeast Asia, its strict Chinese-Japanese character changed leading to it being renamed as Museum of Asian Art.

Our Company, during its long-term cooperation with the Museum, has supplied and installed an integrated protection system comprising of:

  • Security System and Access Control System: All of the Museum areas are covered by a Honeywell Security system, consisting of 4140XMPT2 addressable panels and approximately 90 peripheral devices (motion detectors, beam detectors, magnetic contacts) as well as access control systems with 3 Honeywell card readers. At the same time, the system is connected with the Alarm Signal Reception Centre of the Ministry of Culture.
  • Fire Detection System: All areas are protected with an addressable fire detection system from NOTIFIER, consisting of a two loop panel and approximately 150 peripheral devices (detectors, buttons, sounders with beacons).
  • CCTV System: The space is externally and internally controlled through a CCTV system with 64 Norbain cameras


  • Timetable:

Installation of Fire Detection System: 2006, 2012.
Installation of CCTV System: 2004, 2007, 2012, 2016.
Installation of Access Control System: 2010.
Installation of Alarm System: 2014.

  • Unique Benefits: Guarantee of performance and operation in full integration with the space, offering secure and smooth operation of the building, instant users’ information and high potential of systems’ expansion.
  • Project Engineer: Michalis Kritikos, Electrical Engineer..