Installation of Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, Security and CCTV systems in the Achillion Museum in Corfu.

Achillion is undoubtedly one of the most famous and significant sightseeing attractions in Corfu, located in the village of Gastouri, 9klm outside the town of Corfu. Achillion was built in the 19th century, commissioned by the Empress Elisabeth of Austria (known as “Sissi”). Amongst the Museum’s most famous exhibits is the statue of Dying Achilles by Herter.

Achillion was used as a hospital during World Wars I and II and suffered many damages. In 1962 Greece rented it out to a German firm who restored it, brought back many of Sissi’s personal objects and created one of the first casinos in Greece. In 1994 Achillion was transferred to the Greek State and since then it has been operating as a Museum, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world.

Our Company, during its long-term cooperation with the Museum, has supplied and installed the Fire Detection and Suppression systems, the CCTV system, the Anti-Intrusion Security system, by manufacturers Paradox, Norbain, Kentec and Inim, throughout the Museum spaces. All above systems ensure smooth and secure operation of the building, with prompt and detailed notification of the users.


  • Timetable:

Installation of Fire Detection System: 2008.
Installation of CCTV System: 2009.
Installation of Fire Suppression System: 2010.
Installation of Security Alarm System: 2012 & 2017.

  • Unique Benefits: Guarantee of performance and operation in full integration with the space and high potential of systems’ expansion.
  • Project Engineer: Michalis Kritikos, Electrical Engineer.