Supply and installation of small autonomous CCTV systems to GREEK PETROLEUM plants (HEP) in Thessaloniki.

Each system had features and high demands on the technical specifications, in which our company has responded successfully. Specifically, the issue included a large number of network cameras with high resolution, many of which have been focusing and working remotely (pan-tilt-zoom), while some are specific anti-explosive type, suitable for high-risk areas for ignition. In addition, some were connected to the local network of facilities with wireless link, while the conditions of the installation (industrial environment, close to the sea), created requirements for high strength materials, with special protection in external conditions.

All systems are supported by software network cameras QULU of VISTA UK manufacturer of a highly sophisticated software with interface very user friendly. The surveillance system can be made from various workstations within the facilities of HEP and even from the personal computers of the staff that have the appropriate authorization.




  • Schedule: 2016.
  • Unique Benefits: Strengthening security, better control and supervision of the facilities.
  • Project Engineer: John Meletiadis, Head of Project Management, Electrical Engineering.