Project Description

Our company has supplied and installed new air Energy & HVAC automation management systems manufactured by Honeywell, in Operating rooms and ICUs in AHEPA, Bodosakio, Papanikolaou General and Ag. Anargyroi Oncology Hospitals

Special projects with systems installed by ZARIFOPOULOS group

During 2019, ZARIFOPOULOS S.A. delivered new wards in fully operational condition to AHEPA hospital of Thessaloniki, Bodosakio General Hospital of Ptolemaida and Papanikolaou General Hospital of Thessaloniki. In all three hospitals, the newly built wards included Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and operating rooms. It also refurbished the existing system at the Ag. Anargyroi Oncology Hospital in Athens.

Due to the special nature of the areas, both in the ICUs and in the operating rooms, strict operating conditions need to be maintained and observed. Critical factors such as temperature, humidity and pressure must be monitored and regulated in detail. Specifically, as regards the pressure in these rooms, negative (depression) or positive (overpressure) pressure must be provided on a case-by-case basis, depending on the use. Another critical factor, also closely monitored, in both the operating rooms and the ICUs, is the continuous supply of 100% fresh air by the air conditioning system.

ZARIFOPOULOS successfully installed Building Energy Management Systems (BEMSs) in the above new hospital wards using equipment provided by Honeywell. The software platform used is the CENTRALINE SERIES – ARENA. The NIAGARA operating system, that the ARENA platform features, makes it very reliable, user-friendly and installer-friendly, while there is a great potential for expansion and adaptation to special requirements.

In addition to the BEMSs, ZARIFOPOULOS supplied and installed fire protection systems (fire detection and automatic fire suppression) in these projects.

Project details:

  • AHEPA General Hospital – New operating theatres & ICU ward and reconstruction of existing operating theatres, Technical company: Inso S.p.A.
    The BEMS control points are more than 1500.
  • Bodosakio General Hospital – New expansion building, Technical company: J/V KAPPA TECH. – MALLIONTA.
    The BEMS control points are more than 700.
  • Papanikolaou General Hospital – Renovation of the 1st ICU, Technical company: PRAXIS TECHNIKI.
    The BEMS control points are more than 150.
  • General Oncology Hospital in the northern suburb of Kifissia ‘AGIOI ANARGYROI’
    The BEMS control points are more than 1500 (on going).

ZARIFOPOULOS S.A., with its specialized technical and scientific staff, has extensive and multiannual experience and implements projects with special requirements, such as a large number of Hospitals, Private Clinics, Rehabilitation Centres, Diagnostic Centres and other health facilities.