Our Company supplied, installed and commissioned Fire Detection, Access Control and CCTV Systems, at the expansion and renovation of the Heraklion Airport “N.Kazantzakis”.

Heraklion Airport “N.Kazantzakis” has been transformed, responding to its character as the main entry gateway to eastern Crete. It is now a much more functional airport, with a larger internal floor area by approx.3.000m2 and with many more gates than previously.

The project consisted of the full renovation of the terminal building, with new duty free shops, restaurants, new VIP, CIP lounges etc. A new departure area of 3.000m2 was created whilst the remaining 8.000m2 of the existing space was renovated, creating 11 gates with individual lifts (9 at ground floor level and 2 at first floor). Furthermore, two lounge rooms were created in the extra-Schengen area and two in the intra-Schengen area. The shops inside the terminal building occupy an area of approx 2.200m2, with new duty free shops now in place.

The timeplan for the renovation, which started at early October 2017, was for it to be completed towards the end of March-beginning of April 2018, i.e. in the record time of 165 days. This very big project was implemented in a period of just 5 months, whilst the airport was in operation, and was successfully completed, forming a model example.

Our Company supplied and commissioned 3 addressable Fire detection control panels (of INIM) with over 500 detectors and monitoring devices (buttons, input modules) as well as a total of 6 security cameras (of HIKVISION) with 5 DVR. Also, it supplied 25 card readers of HID, installed at the gates and at critical access points to the airport area.

The above panels were interconnected through smartloop/net cards in an RS485 network, and connected to the airport central fire detection control panel, also supplied and installed by our Company. As part of the airport renovation and the fire safety systems compliance with the fire safety design and the specifications set by EN standards, our Company also supplied (apart from the airport central fire detection control panel) local fire detection control panels replacing the existing ones, as well as new detection and alarm devices (beam smoke detectors of System Sensor).

Finally, in critical M&E plantroom areas (substations, battery areas and UPS), 2 automatic detection – suppression systems were installed, using the new clean agent suppression gas NOVEC 1230, and 5 systems using CO2.


  • Timetable: The project was delivered in April 2018.
  • Project team: Main Contractor: EKTER SA, Client: EYDE AIRPORTS. Funded by the Hellenic Duty Free Shops SA.
  • Unique Benefits: Upgrade of Fire Safety systems, central monitoring and control of all Fire detection systems of the airport.
  • Supervising Engineer: Manolis Zacharioudakis