Installation of Central Control System (BMS) in the new terminal of Sitia airport.

In Sitia airport there was a construction of an entirely new terminal building, to greatly increase the capacity of the airport service. All the electrical installations of the new building are monitored and controlled by a control system installed by our company. The summary of all monitored points in the project is almost 1,500.

The controlled equipment is 7 air handling units with inverter motor and heat recovery system, 3 water-cooled chillers (through Modbus protocol), VRV system for office areas, ventilation fans and lighting lines of the airport premises, outdoor lighting, boiler room, pump room, electrical room and tanks (rainwater, water, oil).

These are supervised by a total of 15 RCP (Remote Control Panels) that communicate with the central station via a local Ethernet subnet. Installed materials (controllers, cards, sensors and 14 inverters) is by Honeywell. Specifically, 15 Eagle controllers (CLEA XX) with integrated communication TCP / IP port and a large number of input / output cards (I / O modules).

The central control software is the most advanced software of Honeywell, the ARENA AX, a web-based software that serves graphical real time displays in standard web-browser clients, providing server-level functions such as: centralized data logging, record keeping, management of alarms, real time imaging, scheduling (master scheduling), integrated engineering tool, web access, Java-enabled user interface and processing and sending alarms via e-mail. The above software is installed on a private DELL server, installed in the server room of the building, while the management of the system is made by client PC’s.




  • Timeline: Installation 2nd trimester of 2014, project completed in early-2015.
  • Contributors: Project contractor was ELIKA – ATESSE .
  • Unique Benefits: Warranty performance materials and stand-alone capabilities. Wide upgrade and expanding capabilities for hardware and software.
  • Project Engineer: Manolis Zaharioudakis, mechanical engineer – Crete Branch project manager.