Installation of central control system (BMS) in the new hotel Anemos Luxury Grand Resort, Georgioupolis Chania.

The hotel Anemos Luxury Grand Resort opened its doors to guests of Georgioupolis in Chania in May 2016. This is the biggest hotel complex five-star built in Crete this year.

With many stimuli from the past, such as the imposing entrance of the hotel, architecturally reminiscent of Arkadi in Rethymno (externally) and the old market of Chania (internally), this unit with 240 rooms, suites, maisonettes and family rooms, has excellent facilities that will impress even the most demanding guests.

This unit is divided into five neighborhoods, each of which served for the needs in hot water from a local depot. The BMS system set up by our company, controls and operates all of the machinery equipment (heat pumps, heat exchangers, inactivity containers kollekter, circulators) and monitors possible notifications from peripheral subsystems (e.g. sewage treatment plant, refrigerators etc. ) or other disorders (e.g. spills). Still, all the ambient lighting and some parts of communal areas of the hotel, are controlled by the BMS system.

All monitored points are in the order of 250, and have a total installed six ACP communicating with the central station via panel bus network. Installed materials (controllers, cards, sensors), is the firm Honeywell namely, Eagle CLEA2026 controllers and a large number of input / output cards (I / O modules). To central control software is the most advanced software of Honeywell, the ARENA AX, a web-based software, serving graphical real time displays, a standard web-browser clients, and provides server-level functions such as: centralized data logging, alarm management, real time imaging, scheduling, web access, Java-enabled user interface and processing system alarms and sending via email.




  • Timetable: The work executed in Q2 2016
  • Credits: The project was designed and executed by the technical department of Crete Branch in collaboration with the engineer of the hotel.
  • Unique Benefits: Continuous monitoring and control of communal lighting and site engine-driven energy-efficient and safe operation (see. Routine to eliminate legionella), remote access and high scalability features.
  • Project Engineer: Manolis Zacharioudakis Dipl. Eng / gos Eng / Mr – Project & Operation Manager Branch Crete.