Two 5-star hotels with Fire detection systems of Austrian manufacturer SCHRACK

ZARIFOPOULOS SA, leader in the field of hospitality projects, having already installed fire detection, security systems and Building Management Systems (BMS) in numerous hotels of all categories, successfully completed two large-scale landmark hotel projects in Northern Greece, using equipment of the high reliability Austrian manufacturer SCHRACK SECONET AG.

The first project is the major refurbishment (in 2016) of the IKOS OLIVIA (former GERAKINA BEACH) hotel in Gerakini in Chalkidiki, first in line in the ambitious plans of international investor “OAKTREE Capital Management”, who, in cooperation with the Greek Group “Andreadis SANI RESORT”, create a chain of high specification hotel complexes throughout Greece.

The SCHRACK SECONET AG Fire detection system was selected based on its high reliability, as its central units (panels), using the innovative dual processor method (100% hot redundant CPU), offer full guarantee of operation of the entire system. The system covers all areas of the complex and consists of two panels of series INTEGRAL IP MX, interconnected, and of 650 detectors and buttons. The whole system is accompanied by a specialised software of graphical display in a computer screen, of all events and alarms.

The second project is the MAKEDONIA PALACE Hotel, landmark building in the city of Thessaloniki, which was refurbished in early 2017. In this project equipment was also used of manufacturer SCHRACK SECONET AG, series INTEGRAL IP MX, with the same characteristics and high reliability. In the same hotel, ZARIFOPOULOS SA managed the replacement of the fire suppression pumping plant, as well as the fire suppression systems in the large kitchen areas.

With the successful delivery of the above two projects, ZARIFOPOULOS SA and SCHRACK SECONET AG set new safety standards for the highly demanding 5-star hotels sector.


  • Project managers: Ioannis Meletiadis and Argyris Siopis