OSE Railway Stations

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Project Description

Supply and installation of Fire detection, Fire Suppression, CCTV and Security Systems, at the Railway Stations of Aigio, Eliki, Diakopto, Platanos, Akrata, Ligia, Lykoporia, Xylokastro.

Our Company supplied and installed the following, at the 9 Railway Stations:

  • 18 addressable Fire detection systems of Advance and C-Tec
  • 41 Fire detection – Suppression systems
  • 12 automatic CO2 fire suppression systems
  • 3 CCTV systems
  • 18 Honeywell Security systems


  • Timetable: Project implementation: Phase A: 2013-2014, Phase B: 2017-2018.
  • Project team: Main Contractors: J&P AVAX SA, INTRAKAT, METKA SA
  • Unique Benefits: Full protection and safety of equipment against fire in M&E plantrooms, integration and communication between different systems. Guarantee of materials efficiency and high expansion capabilities.
  • Project Engineer: Michalis Ntentes and Apostolos Gougoulakis

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