Supply, installation and maintenance of fire detection and extinguishing systems using FM200, CO2 and Security- Access Control Systems in University of Patra.

The University of Patra is a nationwide and internationally renowned and prestigious Higher Education Institution, thanks to diverse and innovative activity in fields as science, health and social sciences. Its location on the edge of the city of Patra allows contact with a rich natural environment and contribution to the growth of the surrounding area.

The campus lies in the region of Rio, a town located in the limits of the Municipality of Patra, with an area of 4.5 square kilometers.

The fire detection system is addressable by NOTIFIER and covers all areas of the 27 buildings of the campus. In summary the above system includes 27 addressable ID2000 and Conventional panels, networked together controlling over 12,800 points (fire detectors, buttons, sirens, etc.).

Extinguishing detection systems using FM200 and CO2
All mechanical and critical areas of buildings are protected by automatic extinguishing and detection systems, include 18 local extinction detection panels with proper extinguishing materials per space, which report to the central control system.

Security and access control system
The integrated security – access control system is manufactured by HONEYWELL and enables access to buildings after the official working hours only to authorized persons. Controlled and managed through special software from the remote control management center. In summary the above system includes 16 local controllers for 180 entry and exit doors of buildings.




  • Timeline: Installation 2006-2012. All systems maintenance every month.
  • Unique Benefits: Advanced, unified management of Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, CCTV and security Systems with main objective their reliable operation.
  • Project Engineer: Fotakopoulos Christos, Director of West. Greece, Electronic Engineer.