Supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Suppression using FM200 and CO2, CCTV and Security System – Access Control in the new port of Patras.

The port of Patra is the Gate of our country to Europe and is one of the most modern ports in the Mediterranean with state of the art infrastructure, cruise terminal and integrated quality of hospitality and health-safety services. The premises have a total coverage of 6974 m².

The fire detection system is supplied by NOTIFIER and it uses addressable technology and covers all areas of the buildings of the new port. In summary the above system includes nine (9) addressable ID2000 panels networked together and more than 1,450 points (fire detectors, buttons, sirens) of control.

Extinguishing detection systems FM200 and CO2
All mechanical and the critical areas of buildings protected by automatic extinguishing systems and detection include twenty-two (22) local extinction detection panels with proper extinguishing materials per space, which report to the central control system.

CCTV System
The surveillance system is by NORBAIN England and consists of ninety-six (96) fixed cameras which are mounted at appropriate selected places. The images are recorded, managed and controlled through specialized equipment from the control center.

Security and Access Control System
The integrated safety and access control system is by HONEYWELL and enables access to critical areas (control tower, Buildings Customs, etc.) only to authorized persons. Controlled and managed through special software.



  • Timeline: Installation 2008-2010 Phase A, 2013-2014 Phase B. Maintenance every year.
  • Unique Benefits: Advanced, unified management of Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, CCTV and security Systems with main objective their reliable operation.
  • Project Engineer: Fotakopoulos Christos, Director of West. Greece, Electronic Engineer.