Installation of Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems, for the tunnels of Pluti and Apomarma and in Tunnel Service Buildings (TSB).

The above national road is one of the most important road projects for the island, which upgrades the quality of the connection between the north and the southern part. This project includes two tunnels about 500 meters long each. At the exit of each tunnel there is a building which houses the entire electromechanical equipment necessary for the operation and safety of the tunnel (Substation, electrical station, emergency generator, control Room, pumping station, fire tanks).

In each tunnel there is installed a fire detection system through fiber optic cable, and cameras that monitor traffic through the entrance / exit. In addition, to each TSB there is installed a fire alarm system for the building, and a fire extinguishing systems for the electromechanical sites.

Installed linear fire detection systems is by LIOS GmbH and specifically include: A controller (OTS -1000) with TCP / IP communication, integration software with the tunnel’s SCADA system via protocol Modbus, and probe cable with special double optical fiber . The cable is mounted every 2 meters from the top of the tunnel’s dome with specific stainless steel brackets. The controller is in the control room of the TSB.


The above technology enables continuous monitoring of the temperature within the tunnel by analysis of every meter, and generates an alarm if it exceeds predefined limits of each area. These alarms are sent to the SCADA system of the tunnel.

The fire detection of the project is completed by an addressable fire panel (Notifier ID60) which monitors trough fire detectors the service building, and also the tunnel through emergency notification watertight buttons along the area.

The CCTV system is by Honeywell and consist of a DVR (Fusion) with 8 channels, 4 fixed cameras HCS 545 with varifocal 5-50mm lenses and two mobile cameras through pan / til / zoom mechanism and varifocal 5,8-121,8mm lenses for each tunnel . The cameras are located within a watertight housing which has a fan to prevent overheating of the camera and a washing system for the glass.

The extinguishing systems by ABS uses FM200 gas and Kentec extinguishing panels, and are placed in five autonomous spots, one in each service building.



  • Timeline: Installation in 2013, duration 3 months.
  • Contributors: Project contractor was JP AVAX.
  • Unique Benefits: The installed CCTV and fire detections system are fully compatible with a remote control center for future use.
  • Project Engineer: Manolis Zaharioudakis, mechanical engineer – Crete Branch project manager.