New buildings for the departments of Computer Science, Mathematics, Management and Technical Services building of the University of Crete in Heraklion campus (Voutes area).

On Heraklion campus there were built four new bioclimatic architecture buildings for these schools – services. Our company has installed, delivered in full use and maintain, the Security, Access, Fire Alarm and building control systems (BMS) of these buildings.

Installed Security and Access Control Systems is by Honeywell firm and specifically include 4-type alarm panels Galaxy Dimension Grade3, PW5000 controllers that control a total of 54 ports, monitoring and surveillance software WIN Pack SE and numerous peripheral materials (indicatively, more than 1200 magnetic contacts are installed).

The Fire Alarm System is addressable type by Notifier UK and consist of four ID2000 fire panels, 900 SDX fire detectors and over 300 pushbuttons and command modules.

The building management system (BMS) is by TREND, and through IQ3 XCITE Series controllers, 963 Supervisor host software, and I / O modules, we supervise and control the air conditioning of buildings (Central air conditioning units – heat pumps) lighting of public areas, various auxiliary systems and the consumed power and power quality through electronic meters. Also, we automatically control lighting of auditoriums and classrooms (on / off and dimming) via local network controllers (IQ3 XACT), special presence detectors of persons (ultrasonic UCC) and brightness sensors (LLS), so that there is no unnecessary use of lighting.



  • Timeline: Installation in 2012, duration 8 months.
  • Contributors: Project contractor was LATOMIKI and TEXNODOMIKI of Crete.
  • Unique Benefits: Great potential for interconnection and integration of management system and graphic display of security, access and fire systems at a single center where other buildings of the University can connect in the future. Significant operating cost savings due to the active management of consumption for both lighting and air conditioning.
  • Project Engineer: Dimitris Stathis, electrical engineer – Crete Branch manager.