Zarifopoulos SA supplied, installed and commissioned a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) at the Anatolia College Campus in Thessaloniki. The purpose of the installation is to facilitate energy saving in the College, through monitoring and controlling electricity, fuel and water consumption.


The system comprises over 500 control points, covering 13 buildings within the educational complex, which are spread across a large Campus. The system includes 13 web-based Honeywell controllers, connected to the existing College Ethernet, forming an integrated network.

The control and management of the controllers is performed by a central PC-server and a PC-Client, whilst the system has the capability to expand, in order to meet future needs of the College. The controllers manage the operation of the central boilers of the buildings, in order to achieve energy savings.

Additional systems are monitored, such as electrical power supplies, water leaks and water flow, fire detection systems, the old BEMS systems in other buildings etc. This is achieved either via analog and digital signals, or via data communication protocols (e.g. Modbus and Bacnet).


Both through the central PC-server and the PC-Client, users can fully oversee the monitored parameters and set the thresholds over which the system should automatically alert them in the form of a visual and sound alarm indication. This may occur for example when there is pressure loss at some point, or when the level of a fuel or water tank drops below a certain threshold etc.

At the same time, the system offers users the possibility to set into operation or switch off the buildings’ boiler systems, so as to optimise their operation therefore achieving considerable energy savings.


A key requirement during the installation and operation of the system was for it to meet all safety standards required in an educational environment, and to adapt to the particular requirements of each building in the Campus.

In addition, a key factor contributing to the successful project delivery was the fast installation and commissioning of the system, as this was a project with a demanding timetable and completion deadline.


A continuous goal of Zarifopoulos SA is to supply and install certified systems, with a long proven track record, being friendly in their operation for the user and owner. The priority is to have automatic optimisation of the system operation in every space covered, so that the Client can focus, unobstructed, on his daily activities and routine.


  • Timetable: 2013
  • Project Engineer: Nikos Zokas