Installation of Security Systems, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Fire Detection and Extinguishing, Communications and Phones in Compression Station Gas DESFA, New Mesimvria Thessaloniki.

The Natural Gas Compressor Station was built by a consortium consisting by the companies PROMETHEUS AE GAS and STROYTRANSGAS A.E. It is an industrial project designed for the ultimate in plant safety. The purpose of the station is the expansion of the national transmission system and the overall increase of capacity and system stability. Recipient is the Operator of the National Gas Transmission System (DESFA).

The Special Company’s workgroup for Major Projects selected the appropriate solutions to cope with the high demands of the project. Zarifopoulos S.A. installed the fire detection and extinguishing systems, consisting of a network of seven (7) hot-redundant fire panels of Schrack – Seconet (Austria) firm, and nine local extinguish with panels of KENTEC – UK. The fire alarm system in accordance with German standard VDS, monitors and oversees all local extinguish systems and records all information.

The hot-redundancy function that characterizes the system means that each panel has two processors and duplicated logic units for the signals to and from peripheral devices. The system provides real-time backup in case of any damage, offering full protection in the event of hardware failure, ensuring the smooth and safe operation of facilities.

The network of the panels is a multimode optical fiber, allowing the long-range communication according to the requirements. Suitable peripherals in accordance with explosion proof international standards and regulations were used where necessary.

The fire detection system is accompanied by a visualization software with two TFT displays, which allows system monitoring and handling on one screen, while all events reported on graphic designs of facilities to second.

It also communicates with the Distributed Control System (DCS) via protocol MODBUS RS485, allowing for full details, and handling in the central Control Room. There is also a connection with emergency Sleep systems (ESD), air conditioning (HVAC) and Public address (PA / GA), for immediate implementation of alarm management scenarios.

All facilities of the station protected against fire, by extinguishing systems using CO2 by ABS, which controlled both automatically and manually.

The CCTV system consists of 28 cameras from Samsung placed in special boxes of anti-explosive type, connected to the central recording and monitoring system by VISTA via optical fiber, offering continuous monitoring of all areas of the station.

Honeywell’s security system provides absolute protection of the interior and exterior of the Station against unauthorized entry.

The Station’s announcement system is supplied from Bosch and consists of main redundant equipment, through the existence of a second controller on standby, while the outdoor speakers has great acoustic capacity and anti-explosive type where necessary.

Finally, our company supplied and installed special type phones which are heavy-duty and anti-explosion type.




  • Timetable: Implementation of the project in 2010-2011.
  • Contributors: Honeywell, Schrack-Seconet, Samsung, VISTA, Bosch, ABS.
  • Unique Benefits: Absolute safety and reliability of equipment against damage and explosion hazard.
  • Project Engineer: John Meletiadis, Project Manager, Electrical Engineer.